C&R Consulting’s head office (Townsville) has a small, scientific laboratory on the premises.  The C&R laboratory has the capability for microscopic analysis, limited wet chemistry and soil testing to be undertaken.

Macroinvertebrate Identification

Best-practice methods (AusRivAS) for macroinvertebrate assessments require the identification of individuals to the family level within the laboratory by a suitably qualified assessor.  C&R employ AusRivAS-accredited staff to undertake detailed assessments of both live- and laboratory-picked samples.  C&R have developed in-house QA/QC procedures in line with appropriate Australian standards to ensure the accuracy of each assessment.  C&R can perform the entire macroinvertebrate survey (i.e. including required field collection procedures) for a client – or simply identify macroinvertebrates within samples collected by the client.

For a quote regarding laboratory costs for identifying macroinvertebrates, please contact our principal aquatic ecologist Matt Knott via email.


Wet Chemistry and Soil Testing

C&R offer limited testing and preliminary screening of samples of soil and sediment. Please note that this is not a NATA-accredited facility.

  • Wet chemistry and soil testing services available include:
    • Preliminary testing for acid sulphate soils;
    • Limited sediment and soil sieving;
    • Preliminary clay dispersivity testing;
    • General carbonate mineral speciation by weak acid testing; and
    • Electrical conductivity and hydrogen ion activity testing.

For more information on soil testing, please contact Ben Cuff via email.