C&R Consulting have worked with some of the biggest insurance providers in Australia, producing technical reports based on numerical modelling that inform insurers’ decisions regarding policy and strategy.  Our diverse team has analysed patterns and relationships within various scientific fields, including studies of flood, storms, cyclones, fire, drought and landslide.


C&R can offer services for:

  • Flood
    • Flood frequency analysis
    • Rainfall and flood inundation modelling
    • Flood mapping and mitigation strategies
    • Geomorphological assessment
    • Assessing validity of claims regarding inundation mechanisms on individual properties
    • Statistical analysis of historical climate records for improved regional flood prediction
    • Soil studies for assessment of runoff capacity
    • Catchment studies for detailed flood profiling
  • Storms and cyclones
    • Numerical analysis of climate and/or ocean patterns and trends for improved storm risk estimates
    • Stormwater management
    • Statistical evaluation of historical records to create local/regional summaries of storm occurrence
  • Fire
    • Bushfire hazard studies
    • Bushfire risk assessment based on statistical analysis of historical records and environmental characteristics
  • Drought
    • Analysis of climate patterns and trends for enhanced regional drought prediction
    • Statistical analysis of historical records to create region-specific summaries of drought occurrence.
  • Landslide/landslip
    • Soil, rock and structural assessment for landslide risk
    • Mitigation measures
    • Assessment of naturally occurring sinkholes and soil dispersivity