Dr Chris Cuff, a director of C&R Consulting, was invited to become a member of a panel of three scientific experts to investigate the potential environmental impacts of a mining process called Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). This panel is tasked with providing scientific evaluation of UCG methods in order to assist with the current lack of legislation surrounding this mining technique. In carrying out the assessment for the ISP, Chris has gained detailed familiarity with most of the past and current UCG operations around the world. In particular he has assessed the hydrogeological and hydrogeochemical aspects of UCG and the chemistry of the processes involved in environmentally compatible decommissioning methods.

C&R has developed a specialist group for UCG investigations and other unconventional energy projects. Check out the qaulifications and experience of our team, or browse our past projects to find out more.

C&R can offer services for:

  • Lease evaluation
  • Site selection & evaluation (Geology, Hydrological Modelling & Hydrogeochemistry)
  • Monitoring array design
  • Sampling methodology
  • Groundwater analysis, evaluation & interpretation
  • Coal analysis & testing (including petrographic, mineralogical, physical & geochemical).
  • Soil analysis
  • Environmental legislation and compliance