As many of our clients are industry leaders, we recognise that they are exploring cutting-edge technological developments. Pursuing these avenues of research requires the highest level of expertise and knowledge, and C&R regularly provide a multidisciplinary team of scientists to work innovatively and independently on diverse research and development (R&D) ventures for our clients. Since 2016, our capacity to conduct R&D activities eligible for the ATO’s R&D Tax Incentive is official, with our registration as a research service provider (RSP). To assist Australian businesses in accessing the best providers and equipment, AusIndustry maintains a register of RSPs  vetted for staffing, facilities, and ability to provide R&D services.

With the registration of C&R as an RSP, AusIndustry recognises that we have the right level of scientific and technical expertise to contribute to R&D projects for our clients. The research categories for which we are certified include a host of environmental and numerical sciences, from physical oceanography to bioremediation and fuzzy logic computation. As of 2023/2024, C&R are able to provide their expertise under 45 separate Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC) codes. For more information, please contact us or review our research capabilities.

Research Service Provider Certificate