On 4 May 2017, the Queensland Government released two discussion papers for public consultation:

  1. The Financial assurance framework reform discussion paper outlines the proposed supporting package of reforms and how these will be implemented, as well as detailing the redesigned financial assurance framework.
  2. The Better mine rehabilitation for Queensland discussion paper discusses the government’s proposed pathway to improve rehabilitation outcomes in Queensland.  Specifically, it presents a proposed new rehabilitation policy framework and six delivery elements to give greater clarity to the mining sector about expectations for achieving rehabilitation throughout the life of a mine, and transparency for the community.


The Queensland Government is seeking feedback, from industry and the broader community alike, on the details proposed in both of these discussion papers.  C&R believe it is in everyones’ best interest to review these documents and provide comment to ensure any changes appropriately serve their intended function.

The public consultation submission period closed 15 June 2017.