We have been very busy here at C&R with various members publishing and delivering papers all over the world.  Here are a few of our latest publications and presentations:

1. Jasmine Jaffrés has written a freely available numerical program to facilitate retrieval of daily climate data from a global database.  The associated paper – GHCN-Daily: a treasure trove of climate data awaiting discovery – was published in 2019.

2. C&R have published a peer-reviewed journal paper titled Teleconnection of atmospheric and oceanic climate anomalies with Australian weather patterns: a review of data availability in 2018, discussing climate-related data issues in Australia.

3. Chris Cuff presented at FUTORES II in Townsville in June 2017.  Paper title: Does underground coal gasification (UCG) have a place in clean coal technology?

4. Chris Cuff presented and chaired a session on UCG at the international conference on clean coal technologies in Cagliari, Italy, in May 2017.  Paper title: UCG: supposed environmental issues – myths and realities.

5. Chris Cuff presented at the Geological Society of London, UK, in November 2015. Paper title: Mineralogical characterisation of coal samples relevant to CSG, porosity and permeability concerns.  The full version has been published in the Geological Society of London, Special Publications (Cuff et al., 2017).

6. A paper titled Standardised scientific approach to measurement of hydrogeological impacts from underground coal gasification (UCG) was presented at the Australian Groundwater Conference, Canberra, 3 November 2015.

7. Two C&R papers were presented at the South African Underground Coal Gasification Association workshop ‘Underground coal gasification: unlocking South Africa’s unmineable coal reserves’ held on 24 August 2015 at Secunda, South Africa: a) Application of UCG interaction zone concepts to inform legislators and regulators and b) Geology and hydrogeology to optimise UCG resource assessment, project development and compliance.

8. Paper accepted at the international conference Innovating Environmental Compliance Assurance, Rotterdam 21-22 April 2015.  The paper was titled: Consolidation and Unification of Environmental Risk Plans in Unconventional Gas Operations.